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August 17, 2013
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Dr. Breitenstein by DetectiveScheper Dr. Breitenstein by DetectiveScheper
Another lame illustration with no emotions held in its brewing... This time though, it's of a different idea for another story I only just started constructing a few weeks ago. I've yet to give it a title that's suiting to the essence of the story. Also...Yah, it's anthro...I guess that makes me a bit of a Furry *rolls eyes*...Gahhhh....I can't draw clothing-folds/creases xP

So...This guy here is Driskoll Breitenstein, who specializes in medicine, being a bit of a chemical genius, as well. I don't know what he's planning with the syringe...Possibly testing something on himself, going to inject it into a patient, or is just draining blood. He looks pretty focused here, but he is actually quite zany and hysterically fanatical and upbeat at times considering most of his back story was rather divided :3

"But Scheper, what's the story to this weird-ass fiction??" I'll give you a bit of back-story, rather than the plot because I'm too simpleminded to even bother writing a synopsis because I can barely grasp even a simple idea for a plot because it's been too early to even bring up one in the first place...I'll try to fill you on this concept of this not-so-original universe:

The supposed story, or at least ‘concept’ to this one is kind of a vague ‘homage’ to renowned literature of the mid to late 19th century; containing small elements from each of them, but are also not too obvious. It also contains historical backgrounds, as well. It’s set in an alternate universe of our world in the Victorian era, only having the world populated by anthropomorphic dogs (Yeah, not in any way original, I know). The time period is in 1887. I got the idea when I suddenly started watching/reading popular fictions (Sweeney Todd, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Les Miserables, etc), and it wasn’t until now that I never realized how much I adore that setting. Of course, I don’t love it so much to actually want to go back in time and attempt to live through that era, as I’m perfectly aware it was a mess (Poverty, disease, filthy streets, not very strong antibiotics, etc. The common cold was known to have killed people, even). I just love how gothic, gloomy and gray it all was, and I love cobblestone roads, as I live pretty close to an old section in NYC that still has those, and secluded streets made up of brownstones dating back to as long as possibly the early 1800s. And at night, it really looks pretty reminiscent of the old, dark streets of 1888, which gives off a somewhat eerie vibe all around every corner...A few blocks away from the area are these two old restaurants dating back to 1866 (I think), the second one being those narrow, kind of triangular shape when seen from above...I just love that neighborhood so much <3333

The dogs themselves may seem Human to us, as they’re capable of doing activities that actual dogs can’t do; walking upright, eating all sorts of foods, having jobs, living as long as humans, wearing clothing; all that good stuff. But, at the heart and soul, they’re still dogs underneath that façade that they chose to adapt. Their behaviors are still one and the same, and beneath those clothes they could just be mistaken for your average dog, as they hold no human anatomy under their skin (Which means NO boobs for the female dogs, or man-thingies for the males, or hair-styles for all genders!), and are just as capable of walking on all fours as they are on two (Which explains why their ‘hands’ retain still more paw-like features as opposed to the more thin fingers of Humankind), and the act of reproduction is no different, either. Though, canine-mannerisms are often considered impolite in some conditions, so some attempt to hide those urges, mostly emerging successful. Though there are some who use their hidden instincts to their advantage; hunting, poaching, herding, etc. But out there are those individuals who just can’t control their more beastly actions, which often follows poverty, where they go mad with hunger or catch vital diseases (Rabies), revealing they’re nothing more than a predator, prowling through the dark streets of London, conducting unimaginable deeds...

Yeah, it ends abruptly, as I'm still working on it. I've yet to nail down Breitenstein's character fully, and once I'm done with that, will might as well add it in the next image I do of him ^_^ OOOOOOH, and I forgot to give him glasses...Next time I will :D
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Thylee Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2013  Student Filmographer
Ahhh, I love these types of stories, at least from reading your little back story there. I have a thing for historical/fiction stories. That is my one weakness 8'D. I love the overall character, and just love his design.  I love the way you draw your noses as well. 
DetectiveScheper Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Thank you :)
Thylee Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2013  Student Filmographer
your welcome~ :D
InstantCoyote Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2013
I always enjoy seeing the things you draw. I love his paw-hands and his big nose (love the big noses hee hee). I like the idea behind the story too, and I'm interested to hear, and see, more of what you come up with! I really like that they're just dogs underneath it all. It's almost like some sort of metaphor, or maybe it is a metaphor. LOL
GoldieRetriever Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2013
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